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Lian Li PC-O7S - The most beautiful chassis ever ?

We review the Lian-Li O7S, a mid sized aluminum chassis with looks that will make you eyebrow's flinch. Based on an innovate design this PC case will set and create a new standard in the industry as in terms of design nothing in this chassis is normal, a product that was designed by thinking outside the box. Got curious already? Yeah, you most certainly should be.

The O series was launched in December with the O5S initially, and Lian-Li a few weeks ago released a mid-tower sized version, the O7S. Built to impress, the chassis has a stunning design, nice cooling and a lot of visual trickery harbored. Let me give you an example, don't you hate it when you purchase an expensive graphics card and all you can see through that side-panel windows is the backside of the PCB and the top of the VGA card? Well, with the help of a riser cable your graphics card will now 'float' inside this chassis. Yeah, incredible and innovative looks. From the inside and out the aluminum chassis is coated in black, the side panel window has 5mm tempered see through which covers the entire left side of the chassis creating an open look inside in an unprecedented fashion. The O7S is all about the looks, but it can house water-cooling, hide your HDD/SSDs and pretty much only places the important stuff on display. At the backside there is great space for cable routing and even the power supply is positioned in such a way that it'll make you wonder how it all works. Lian-Li calls this series their open-air chassis, hence the O. It inevitably will become available in four models, the PC-O5, PC-O5S, PC-O6S and today's tested O7S.

Well have a peek before we dive into the review with photos, lots of photos.


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