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A company by the name Leetgion released a gaming mouse optimized for RPG usage, it's called the El'Druin game mouse which we review and test today. So the high DPI mouse is made by Leetgion and these are the guys behind Thermalright. The mouse has all the features you may expect from a nice game mouse at a true gamers price level. Perhaps something you want to check out?

So basically Thermalright known from their heatsinks and coolers started a daughter company under the brand Leetgion. After the initial launch they soon introduced Hellion, which was the world's first mechanical gaming mouse. The second mouse that they're now releasing you will probably remember from its unusual design as shown in our news. It is the Action RPG gaming mouse, EL'DRUIN. A mouse that comes with a RPG armor design.

The EL'DRUIN contains the Leetgion SPAD and Omni-Tuner, along with removable Palm Plates, an Avago9500 Laser Engine and Omron Micro Switches. The SPAD, short for Skill Power Actions D-Pad is innovative control suited to gamers' need. It's a programmable five way thumb pad that gives access to skills without the need to memorize complex button placements.

Leetgion's Omni-Tuner is an all-in-one wheel for on the fly switching of profiles, DPI settings and more. Omni-Tuner controls are easy and intuitive, down press the central button to choose between DPI Micro Tune, Profile switching, and Programmable button mode. One wheel to control all, no hassle. The Leetgion EL'DRUIN is here to fit your play style. Featuring the Removable Palm Plate for adjustable size and grip, choose between two sizes and two different textures, your grip your style. Perfect for both Claw Grip and Palm Grip users.

Anyway, before we look at the specifications and features, have a peek at what might be the most unique looking mouse ever.

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