KFA2 - Galaxy Stream HD (WHDI) review

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KFA2 Stream HD

KFA2 (Galaxy) Stream HD

Not too long ago we tested a GeForce GTX 460 from KFA2 / Galaxy that had WHDI, a wireless link in-between your graphics card and the HDTV. The main idea here is to send the monitor signal wireless over WIFI in-between the two devices with support for FullHD aka 1080P resolutions. A daunting task, but that preliminary solution was working quite well TBH.

The problem however remains that you pay a lot of extra cash for the solution that was embedded into the graphics card, which admittedly we all upgrade every say two years right ? So Galaxy / KFA2 went back to the drawing board and figured, why not design a wireless HD dongle you can insert into the HDMI port of your graphics card and then a WHDI receiver on the telly end.

You'll get latency-free HD video and audio in full 1080p up to 10 meters (with no line of sight).

And so it shall be, deep down in the dark caves of Mordor the molding and shaped what has become "StreamHD". A very simple to use wireless display solution that supports HDMI 1.3, 720P and 1080P, it has latency less then 1ms, comes with audio support for 7.1 channels PCM. DTS and Dolby Digital by utilizing the 5 GHz (802.11 a/n band .The solution even is HDCP 1.0 and 2.0 (Blu-Ray) compatible.

When you think of it, it could be a brilliant idea for business presentations but even more so home usage, with the PC too far away from your big-ass 55"  1080P telly -- you can connect it and then game with friends or watch pictures and a nice movie in 1080P without the need to have a fully blown HTPC next to your telly.
Of course the demographic for a product like this is small, but for a small selection of you guys it might be the solution for a problem we didn't know existed handy wireless monitor connectivity. And who knows, it might become a standard in the future right ?

Have a peek at the box and the dongle, and then let's head onward into the review, hihooo silver ...

KFA2 Stream HD

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