KFA2 Galaxy GTX 550 Ti LTD OC WHITE review

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KFA2 / Galaxy GeForce GTX 550 Ti LTD OC

ATI/AMD and NVIDIA have both been really active with all the new product releases ever since Q3 last year now.

To address the lower mid-range segment NVIDIA today outs the GeForce GTX 550 Ti, priced at roughly 135 USD we call it the bang for buck product. And guess what, the 550 Ti is nothing to be ashamed about.

A product that will likely replace the GTS 450 real soon. Armed with an all new GF116-400 GPU this product has 192 shader processors embedded and is running a cool full gigabyte of GDDR5 memory on a 192-bit wide bus.

In this review we'll have a peek at the warmongers from KFA2 (Galaxy), they unleash this cute little beastly looking GTX 550 Ti LTD OC edition graphics card. And to make it even more special, they slapped all components on a sexy white PCB again. Armed with that atypical looking cooler you'll learn that this product makes no compromises, you will not hear it, it will not run hot and it even comes factory clocked at a full GHz, quite amazing as GPUs seem to slowly pass that weird 1 GHz threshold.

If that's not enough then KFA2 has a little extra as well, of course that cool looking white PCB, a cooler from which the shield is detachable, good quality component section, two embedded NEC Proadlizers to clean up power like a water-filter and then they even placed more phases on the product to ensure you'll reach an even higher clock frequency, should you choose that mission to accomplish of course. So you'll also notice two 6-pin power connector on this card.

All in all we have a lot to show you. Let's have a peek at what the GTX 550 Ti has in store for us; yep -- we're here and we're ready. They're not. Bring it. To quote a certain mister Sheen, next page please.

KFA2 / Galaxy GeForce GTX 550 Ti LTD OC

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