Jetway HI08 P67 motherboard review

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Jetway P67 HI08

With the B3 revisions motherboards we slowly have picked up on P67 based reviews again. Hey, Sandy bridge processors on that platform are just too darn good ! Amongst a long line of reviews on motherboards based on this chipset we have checked out premium brands mostly.

There's always more in the market, Jetway for example ... a company making a lot of OEM products for other businesses, but they do have their own retail production line. Though hard to find in the stores these product promise good quality, features and often an excellent price, yep allow me to repeat that -- always an excellent price.

Design wise they pickup up on a few things as well, their 'HUMMER' series motherboards step away from OEM, and give the retail products a little more flair.

Today as such we testy the HI08, a P67 Intel chipset based motherboard for Sandy bridge processors. As you know for the consumer desktop side of the market you will basically see two Sandy Bridge based chipsets, H68 for the more generic, mainstream and HTPC usage, and then the P67 chipset as a performance part for the new motherboards series. Now each and every motherboard ODM jumped on P67 as well, it's just a heck of a lot of fun. And the ODMs had time to prep their P67 alright, most of the designs were already finished by late Summer 2010, everybody just needed to wait for Intel to release the processor that goes along with these motherboards.

That extra time was however not a bad thing, it gave more time to R&D departments to refine their designs and perhaps be a little more creative.

In today's article we'll show you a new offering from Jetway as we'll review their HI08 Sandy bridge ready motherboard. You'll notice a very impressive motherboard loaded with features and technologies, and a little extra as well. Powered by Intel's P67 chipset, we'll review that certainly a decent looking Sandy bridge ready motherboard.

Jetway as well included features like SATA 6G and USB 3 and guess what, the board even supports SLI and Crossfire, albeit in a x8:x8 configuration. There is a more to be found with three PCIe x16 slots and two traditional PCI slots.

We'll have a look at that as well of course. Have a peek at the board review from today and then head onwards to the next page, where we'll dive into a photo shoot of the Sandy Bridge ready motherboard.

Jetway P67 HI08

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