Inno3D GeForce 7600 GST 256MB DDR3

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Inno3D GeForce 7600 GST 256MB DDR3 (PCI-Express)
Product:  256 MB Graphics card
Manufacturer: InnoVision
InnoVision - Inno3DPrice: 160 EUR

Copyright 2006 - Guru3D.comIt's quite amazing how many manufacturers would like to have their 7600 product range reviewed, obviously this product is not that expensive and offers a stack load of features and performance for the price. This time the turn goes to InnoVision/Inno3D. As you probably know by now, InnoVision is a Hong Kong based manufacturer that produces a number of multimedia products aimed at both the OEM and retail market.

The product range is very diverse and bigger than you'd expect. From VGA cards (obviously) to audio cards to digital video products. Inno3D offers GeForce based graphics cards from low to high-end. In today's review we'll be testing a mid-end product, the top model of that mid-range product line though, the GeForce 7600 GST for PCI-Express. Armed with an exceptionally playable graphics core and equipped with 256 Megabyte of GDDR3 memory, this product is ready to growl in your PC.

Inno3D ladies and gents .. they have been around for a ling time now and are slowly progressing to become a bigger player in that huge graphics card arena. How do they achieve that? By diverting from standard reference based graphics cards a little and delivering, much like many manufacturers do these days, pre-overclocked products.

Today we take a look at such a product, it's a GeForce 7600 GS  .. but it's really not. It's a GeForce 7600 GT ... but again it's really not. What are we reviewing today ? A GeForce 7600 GST. Oh dear, the naming is getting extensively more difficult for the end-user in the shops isn't it ? 

It's time to explain you the exact differences which we'll show you on the next pages.

I'll acknowledge it right away, you can't go wrong with the GeForce 7600 GST, it offers great features, fun and gameplay for its money. You'll have very respectable frame rates, all the nifty technology features for high-quality, high-resolution output and obviously even the capability in a later date to upgrade to SLI and double your performance and so on.

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