Hyte Y60 chassis review

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Hyte Y60 review

This time, we’re checking out the Hyte Y60, a mainly aesthetic-oriented mid-sized ATX tower PC chassis. It’s not the first product from this American (precisely – California) company. They have debuted with an ITX case called Revolt 3, which gained good opinions around the websites. Additionally, they’re planning to release a keyboard and a wireless headset, but that’s still to come. Ok, let’s get back to the Hyte Y60. 


It’s a (rather extensive) mid-tower chassis with around 60 l of volume. The looks are definitely something new/fresh, it resembles a bit, for example, Lian Li O11 Dynamic, but the tempered glass contains three pieces. We’ll find the three 120 mm (max 1300 rpm) fans, two of them are placed at the bottom, and the third at the back. There are three colour versions:

  • Black/Black (the one reviewed) 
  • White/Black
  • Red/Black 



The exact dimensions are 456 × 285 × 462 (L×W×H) in total; it’s 60.1 l of volume, so that’s in the upper range of the mid-tower chassis. The Y60 supports up to E-ATX (and ATX, uATX, and mini-ITX) motherboards. You get PCI Express 4.0 riser, which is great because it’s not a standard bundle in the competition offers.


The weight is ~11 kg. According to the specs, there are two 3.5” or four 2.5” drive brackets. On the front, you will find the following ports:

  • USB 3.0 x 2,
  • USB 3.2 Type-C x 1
  • Audio/Mic Jack
  • Power button

The Hyte Y60 provides many cooling options, supporting radiators

  • up to 280 mm (up to 150 mm thick) at the side,
  • 360 mm at the top (up to 28 mm wide),
  • and 120 mm at the back.

It’s possible to mount

  • up to two 120 or two 140 mm fans at the side,
  • three 120 mm at the top,
  • one 120 mm at the rear (and the 1300 rpm is pre-installed),
  • two 120 or 140 mm fans at the bottom (and two 120 mm 1300 rpm are pre-installed)

You also get three + six (half-height) expansion slots. There are also three fan filters (bottom, side, and top). You can use CPU air coolers with a max height of 160 mm (enough to fit the majority of the models). When using an air cooler rather than a liquid cooler, HYTE recommends the installation of 2 additional intake fans (not included) on the side mount of the Y60 for optimal airflow. The GPUs can measure up to 375 mm in length and 75mm thick (60mm or less recommended for best cooling). The PSU shouldn’t be longer than 235mm in length (and that’s a lot). The price is 199.99 USD Will it be worth that price? First - let’s check out the specs and features of this chassis.

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