Hyte Revolt 3 chassis review

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Hyte Revolt 3 (with 700W PSU) review
Will it make you Hype or Hate it?

Hyte is no new company (or rather a sub-brand of Californian iBUYPOWER) for the guru3d readers. We already had a chance to check the Y60 (an ATX chassis) in June ’22, although chronologically, it was the second model of this brand. Which one was first? The one you’re reading about is the Revolt 3, which earned the “Recommended” award. This one is smaller, as it’s an ITX format, equipped with an aluminum carrying handle (which enables carrying of up to 30 lbs/13.5 kg) and tool-free side panels, allowing build-in, modification, and travel. 


It’s a mini-tower PC chassis, rather average in size, with a bit above 18.4 l of volume. There are two color variants:

  • White
  • Black (which we got)


Additionally, there’s a possibility to get this chassis with a 700W 80 Plus Gold power supply. The Revolt 3 supports only mini-ITX motherboards. The front and rear fans (both 120 mm) are provided. You’ll find a USB Type-C port there, as well. The dimensions are average for this form factor, as it’s 253 x 178 x 409 mm (L x W x H). In total, it’s 18.4 l of volume. The weight is 6.35 kg (with a PSU). According to the specs, there is one 3.5” (which can also handle 2.5”) and two 2.5” drive brackets. On the front, you will find the following ports:

  • USB 3.0 x 2,
  • USB 3.1 Type-C gen 2
  • HD audio ports
  • Power button

The Hyte REVOLT 3 provides not too many radiator options, supporting up to 280 mm at the side (up to 35 mm thick). You also get three expansion slots. It’s possible to mount up to:

  • three 120 or two 140 mm fans at the front,
  • 120 mm at the rear,
  • two 120 mm or 140 mm at the side,
  • and last but not least – two 80 mm fans at the top (optional)

There are filters at the:

  • Front (Metal Mesh),
  • Top,
  • Slides,
  • Rear (Magnetic)



You can use CPU air coolers with a max height of 140 mm (enough to fit most models aimed at the ITX motherboards) and GPUs up to 335 mm in length (and 140 x 58 for the width and height). You can find the graphics card compatibility list on the product website. The PSU (here, its SFX-L 700W unit included) should be in either SFX or SFX-L format. The price is 129.99 USD for the chassis without the power supply; with it – you need to pay 199.99 USD (initially, it was 249.99 USD). Now, let’s check out the specs and features of this chassis, shall we?

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