HiS Radeon X1950 Pro ICEQ3 Turbo review

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HiS Radeon X1950 Pro ICEQ3 Turbo review


HiS - Radeon X1950 Pro ICEQ3 Turbo

Product type: 256 MB (GDDR3) high-end graphics card
Manufacturer: HIS
Website: www.HISdigital.comEstimated MSRP: 219/249 EUR/USD

The best e-tail price in the Guru3D pricewatch database is only $209 at the moment (click here) !

Okay hear me out; one of my favorite ATI Radeon graphics cards at this very moment is the Radeon X1950 Pro. Not because it's the most intense performer of the product range, no .. because it offers really great value for the money that you have to pay. And although it's more expensive than the regular version, I was quite happy to hear that HiS released their ICEQ3 version of this graphics card, as that guarantees some great cooling performance versus low noise... all that on such a lovely looking graphics card. As you all know, we have been testing products from His for a long time now and we do that for a good reason. HiS deserves this kind of media attention. They deliver high-quality products based on graphics cards from ATI, which are all very stable and overclockable (and if you chip in a couple of bucks more they come equipped with any of the three forms of their IceQ cooling solution as you'll notice today).

Graphics designer slash manufacturer ATI-AMD worked hard to finish up its new 80 nanometer products, and despite a delay of all the 80 nanometer chips, it was finally ready to be released a couple of weeks ago. The Radeon X1950 Pro as tested today is such a product, and is actually the RV570 based card that you probably heard us talking about a couple of times already.

So today's tested product is the shaggy Radeon X1950 Pro which comes with the newer IceQ3 cooling solution; a review on ATI's latest 12-pipe mid-range product which obviously was based off the R580 silicon, and is quite frankly a very credible graphics card as you'll learn in this article. The card features 36 Pixel Shaders units. And for roughly $219-239 you can pickup the 256MB version already, it sounds like a great deal as it should offer at least twice the performance of an X1650 Pro.

We'll show you all that over the upcoming pages. Have a look at the photo for the "oooh" factor, and let's move on to the next page shall we ?

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