HIS Radeon HD 6970 Turbo FAN 2GB review

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HIS Radeon HD 6900 series

Today we have a new review on the Radeon HD 6970. A series (6900) that has been received with a little skepticism, until everybody noticed the great sales prices of course.

Then again, armed and tagged with the right price these boards kick ass for sure and certainly you can play all your games in high monitor resolutions with exemplary quality settings.

HIS is addressing the product as well with several models. We see the regular products, we've seen ICEQ based products, but somewhere in the middle there's also their TURBO line of products. That's what we'll have a look at today, The Radeon HD 6970 based on the reference design, yet the TURBO model.

The end result is obviously a nice performing product that remains silent enough, keeps cooling performance well under control, and then also comes factory overclocked.

Although we expected a little more in frequencies for a product tagged Turbo, this R6970 comes factory clocked at 900MHz and with a memory clock of 5,600MHz. Considering the reference product is clocked at 880 MHz on the core and 5500 MHz on its memory, the performance impact will be minimal compared to the baseline reference performance.

But ah well, we'll bring the card quite close to a nice manual overclock, and that my friends means added value on what seems to be a very interesting product.

Let's start up this review and have a look what the HIS 6970 Fan Turbo 2GB GDDR5 graphics card is all about, shall we?

HIS Radeon HD 6900 series

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