HIS Radeon 6970 ICEQ Turbo review

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HIS R6970 ICeQ Turbo

We've been reviewing from HIS for a long time now, it is one of the more reputable and known names in the industry that keeps on going with its formula: reference, IceQ and Turbo edition graphics cards. A little while ago they decided to release a somewhat custom edition of the Radeon HD 6970, to date the fastest GPU offering from AMD/ATI.

HIS took a blue colored PCB, plastered the R6970 GPU and two Gigs of memory on there along with a new model of the ICEQ cooler. The end result is a product that... well how do I put it... you see the picture below and be the judge yourself, but with advertised cooling performance versus a silent product, a lot of people might be interested in just that.

Anyway, the end result is a product that is two slots wide in size, but yeah, it's reasonably silent, cools well enough and armed with a little voltage tweaking you can take the card quite easily to say 950 MHz. Oh yeah on that topic, HIS released this card as ICEQ TURBO model, and that means the card is factory overclocked, albeit very little with a bump from 880 MHZ towards 900 MHz as standard.

Let's have a peek and then head onwards into the review.

HIS R6970 ICeQ Turbo

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