HIS Radeon 6870 ICEQ X Turbo X review

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Radeon HD 6870 HIS ICeQ X Turbo X


Radeon HD 6870 HIS ICeQ X Turbo XThe AMD Barts GPU based Radeon 6800 series has been on the market for a while now. We've tested many of these cards and at a later stage, the refresh products, thus pre-overclocked and customized products arrived in that huge hardware market. With prices right now settling in-between 160 to 200 EUR, the R6870 cards just offer seriously nice performance for the money you have to spend on them.

Today we'll check out an offering from HIS as a short time they ago launched their IceQ X Turbo model of the Radeon 6870. The concept entails a customized blue cooler that is impressively silent and keeps that GPU nicely chilled down. Next to that, HIS now offers the IceQ X - Turbo X version, which entails a factory higher clock frequency on the product, and that should bring in a little more performance of course.

The product falls in the more affordable mid-range segment of the market, it comes with DirectX 11 support and a plethora of features. Connectivity wise you can hook it up to any HD television or monitor as it is packed with DisplayPorts, HDMI and DVI connectors, yes... you'll spot a total of five connectors on this single mid-range based product, not bad.

We just mentioned that the product comes factory overclocked and that means that the 6870 is doing its business at a good 975 MHz, the gDDR5 memory respectively is clocked faster (effective) at 4.6 Gbps.

Anyway, these are all good enough variables for a nice in-depth review, as hey... the card seems to be thought through well from every and any aspect the true Guru3D aficionado like. Let's have a peek and then dive into the full review.


Radeon HD 6870 HIS ICeQ X Turbo X

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