HIS Radeon 6770 ICEQX Turbo Crossfire review

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HIS Radeon HD 6770 ICEQ Turbo Crossfire

When it was released, the Radeon HD 5770 was immensely popular for the money. A decent shader processor count versus good features versus an acceptable price. That made it a 125EUR card offering a decent gaming experience.

AMD decided to respin and rebrand some of its graphics card, and that entails a re-launch of the existing Juniper XT (Radeon HD 5770 series) as the Radeon HD 6770 series.

So the Radeon HD 6770 we test today is pretty much the very same stuff released back in October 2009. A few tweaks here and there have been made at BIOS level and priced have gone down a little as the card shown today from HIS for example will cost you a 100 EUR, For that kid of money you receive a customized model that has been factory-overclocked for you and heck it even comes with a free copy of Colin McRae Dirt 3 -- not a bad deal.

So yeah we look at the HIS Radeon HD 6770 ICEQ TURBO edition. A fairly interesting product series as that juniper graphics core still can flex its muscle. What we found more interesting though is to see what happens if you place two of these cards in Crossfire mode. Can 200 EUR worth of cards beat a 300 EUR costing Radeon HD 6970? That's the primary question we will try and answer today as sometimes it just makes more sense to go with two GPUs.

Have a peek at the all new Radeon HD 6770 ICEQ Turbo model from HIS and then lets head onwards into the review.

HIS Radeon HD 6770 ICEQ Turbo Crossfire

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