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Welcome to Guru3D's Rig of the Month! 

We just adore PC related hardware & think you do too. And sometimes you guys really make a PC that really stands out. We ask you to answer a few simple questions and send in photos of your rig. Each month we'll have a look at the entries and perhaps pick you and post your PC with photos and everything here at Here you can find out what you need to do and win a nice prize courtesy of Corsair.

Guru3D Rig of the Month is sponsored by Corsair

Each month one winner walks away with a cool prize. This month we give away the CORSAIR HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset (guru3d review) provides exceptional comfort, superior sound quality, a fully detachable microphone, and up to 16 hours of battery life. 

Note - This competition runs worldwide, however, due to complex delivery and customs issues in Russia, South America, and Africa cannot be shipped a prize. That said, let's do some modding.



Each month here at we feature one of you guys, your PC, your DIY project. It is quite honestly amazing how much detail and dedication you put into a PC, and every now and then it really shows.

Join the competition

Would you like to have your PC published and eligible to win great prizes? Check out this landing page and read what is required. Please submit good quality photo's and don't forget to submit the form.  

Guru3D Rig of the Month When you think about Germany, Munich, and alcohol you think Oktoberfest and a good beer right? Well, that doesn't apply for Manuel Friedrich, he is from Munich, he probably likes a good beer, but likely appreciated a good glass of wine as well. As such he built his rig into a wine crate. Meet the October 2018 edition of the Guru3D Rig of the month 2018.  1. What is your name / nickname /age / occupation? Hi, my name is Fritz, I'm 28 years old and live in Munich. I work (hard) as a service technician for movie sound equipment. Computer stuff and case-modding is only one of my hobbies.      2. What did you first come here for? For hardware news I guess, over ten years ago. Guru is usually one of the fastest sources for news and rumours I know. Thanks for that!      3. What do you mainly use the system for? It is designed for the living room and supposed to power a FHD projector for movies, music and some games.

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