Guru3D Christmas Contest - Keep Christmas Cool

Guru3D Christmas Competition - Keep Christmas Cool !


Contest is now closedWinners announced here.

It's Christmas day and that traditionally means we startup a little contest here at

Yes it's time for the traditional logo hunt ! To keep things cool we teamed up with Noctua and Coolink as we'll be handing out no less than twelve kits including some of the most sexy CPU and VGA coolers we know you guys love so much !

Let me show you the prize package:

1x Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler (1x 74.90)   1x Noctua NH-C12P SE14 CPU Cooler (1x 59.90) 5x Noctua Cooling Kits consisting of 1x NF-P14 FLX 140mm fan ( 21.90), 1x NF-S12B FLX 120mm fan ( 19.90) & 1x NT-H1 thermal compound ( 7.90)   2x Coolink Cooling Kit (1x GFXChilla VGA Cooler, 1x SWiF2 1201 120mm fan, 1x Chillaramic Thermal Compound) 3x Coolink Fan Kit (1x SWiF2 120P 120mm PWM fan, 1x SWiF2 1201 120mm fan, 1x Chillaramic Thermal Compound) What do you need to do ? 

Well yeah .. you do need to do something. Somewhere in our last 15 to 20 articles published here on we have hidden a Noctua D14 photo (spiced up a little) that you can see below this paragraph. Somewhere in one of these articles this very same flyer is located.


We want to know what article and page number that has this photo embedded in it.

Hint - It's hidden in one of these articles:

How does it work ?

Simple, submit an email. Mind you that we do not collect your email address or the info provided. There will be no marketing purposes, after the contest all entries will simply be deleted again.

Guru3D will collect all submitted results. Say we have 2000 proper results then we select these and sort them in chronological order. Then we draw a random number between 1 and 2000. That number will correspond with the email sorted chronological.

The winners will get the product(s) shipped to you for free. Due to the overall costs in shipping and handling this competition only is available to citizens from Europe - so If you live in the USA/ASIA/Australia/Russia - you'll a friend with a shipping address in Europe.


The winners will be announced on the FrontPage the after the contest closes - first week of January 2010. Our thanks go out to Noctua and Coolink for their support in hardware for this contest.

Now since we publish and add at least three new articles per week, here's a little help. You can find the answer in one of these articles:

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