GPUScore Relic Of Life benchmarks with 22 GPUs

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Article Page 1 - A BaseMark introduction

BasemarkGPU D3D12 and Vulkan Raytraced performance review 

There is a new benchmark in town, fabricated by ex-Futuremark employees Basemark GPUScore Relic of life has been released with an aim to measure Raytracing on VULKAN and DirectX. GPUScore is intended to provide professional results for GPU performance measurement and comparison. It executes its tests frame-by-frame, which means that each benchmark run with identical parameters generates the exact same workload for the system and delivers the most repeatable and similar results. Additionally, the benchmark addresses performance measurement limits caused by frame rendering speed constraints, which are particularly significant for portable devices with associated power-saving improvements.


For each benchmark run, detailed data are supplied, including a graph showing the framerate result for each displayed frame. GPUScore is based on Basemark's industrial-grade 3D rendering engine Rocksolid, which is commonly used in consumer electronics. The benchmark was created in collaboration with members of Basemark's Benchmark Development Program, which includes the world's major GPU and device manufacturers. This ensures that the benchmark is a perfect fit for the industry's current benchmarking requirements.

In this article we'll stay focused on the Windows 11 platform with dedicated GPUs, we'll test over twenty Raytracing compatible (Hybrid) graphics cards, and see what that brings us in performance as we can measure DirectX 12 and Vulkan, which is a nice option to look into from an API comparing perspective, and also the most relevant to the Guru3D reader base.


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