Glorious Model O gaming mouse review

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Glorious Model O mouse
Ultimate PCMR mouse?

In this article, we review the Glorious Model O mouse, for which pre-orders started as early as in March 2019. It’s a (non)typical wired gaming mouse, and you’ll find RGB lighting here as well. The most important feature of this product is the weight, as well as the honeycomb shell structure. The device is very nice at first glance, and you can fully customize the RGB lighting via optional software. The weight is 67g (matte version) or 68g (glossy). The sensor is a Pixart PMW-3360 with 12,000 DPI, and the polling rate is 1000hz (1ms). Yes, that’s very high, which is not necessarily useful, nor does it make much sense.


This is a mouse that’s suitable for gamers, and Glorious advertises it with the phrase “Model O the world’s lightest RGB gaming mouse” (well, there’s also the O-, which is smaller and lighter).
There are four variants:

  • Matte Black
  • Matte White
  • Glossy Black
  • Glossy White (used here)

We’ve received the last variant. It’s an original one, we have to admit. So, what’s the most important feature, you’d ask? Well, it’s the weight. 67-68 g is just sick (considering, for example, the 120g of the G903 that I use on a daily basis). The honeycomb structure really does its job here, not to mention the original looks. You can't miss the RGB of course.

The Glorious Model O is available at a 49.99 USD for the matte versions, and 59.99 USD for the glossy ones. Is it worth it, given the provided features and functionality? Let’s find out.


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