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VGA performance: DeadSpace (DX9)

Dead Space

Sci-fi, horror and gaming, thats a combination that really works Dead Space combines all three of these to form an excellent and exciting game that will keep you enthralled for quite some time. Admittedly, the game can get scary at times. Dead Space is a blistering experience of lashing tentacles infused with a gory gash of a ripper blade. Aside from the string of alien guts and limbs youll be leaving behind you, little finishing touches are what really make this game shine.

Image quality settings

  • Graphics quality HIGH
  • Vsync OFF
  • Antialiasing ON (in-game, presumably 4x AA)
  • Depth of field ON
  • Bloom/Glow ON
  • Motion and BLUR ON
  • Post processing ON
  • Flares ON
  • Shader & Shadow Quality HIGH

One of the more fun titles in 2008 I found to be Dead Space. Some hate it, some love it.

Anything we could enable in the game image quality wise was enabled and maxed out. The engine is just so easy for any modern GPU. 2560x1600 .. not a problem, Sir.

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