Gigabyte Aorus KD25F 240 Hz Monitor review

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Gigabyte Aorus KD25F
A 240 Hz gaming Full HD TN panel at 499 EUR/USD

Going from fast to well .. furiously faster, in this review, we will take a look at the Aorus KD25F gaming monitor. This 1920x1080 pixels sized monitor can do something very special and that would be refreshing at 240 Hz. Recently Gigabyte's Aorus brand has been making big bets in their gaming monitor division. Several models have been outed, among them a wide variety of panels are used. We've seen a AD27QD with an IPS panel, then the CV27Q and CV27F with a curved VA panel the monitor we test today has a straight TN panel from AU Optronics.

Let's face it TN panels over the years have gotten much better, each panel type, however, comes with advantages and disadvantages. Then some people are fine a 60 Hz panel but demanding deep dark contrasts and en up with IPS or VA, the pro gaming and gamers out there, however, have a healthy taste for extremely fast panels. They consider 60 Hz slow and yearn that need for speed at 120/144 Hz. Some pro-gamers in say a CS: Go league wants as little lag as possible and for that tiny fragment of the market you can basically choose some hip 240 Hz screens, ASUS as one, ACER released their XN253QX screen, and now the Aorus KD25F comes into play as well. The Aorus KD25F should be fast with low response time less than 0.5 ms (advertised). So here we have such a monitor at the test grounds of the Guru3D lab, 240 Hz. Yes, 240 Hz, well crap, come to think of it .. you need to match your PC framerates so that you can even out and reach that FPS. That means you'll likely need an expensive GeForce RTX 2080 (Ti) and a super-fast processor. If not, then you would likely have issues accomplishing 240 FPS at Full HD. 

It's not all about the panel though - the eyes want more and as such the KD25F packaged in a nice design, has rear side mounted RGB and yes, that is where it ends as it only offers Full HD, there is no HDR either. 

Meanwhile, you do need to realize that a 144Hz Quad HD (2560x1440) gaming monitor you can grab for 350~400 euros quite easily in this day and age. The 1920x1080 Aorus KD25F costs a massive 499 euros. So the user-base for a monitor like this is slim, really really slim. But the ones (competitive gamers) that truly want a display this fast, well for 499 euros it is a viable option.  So yea, let's check out among the fastest monitors on the globe.


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