Ghost Recon: Wildlands PC graphics performance benchmark review

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Graphics memory (VRAM) usage D3D11 and Conclusion

Graphics memory (VRAM) usage

How much graphics memory does the game utilize versus your monitor resolution with different graphics cards and respective VRAM sizes ? Well, lets have a look at the chart below. The listed MBs used in the chart are the maximum measured utilized graphics memory during the test run. 

During game-play the game is swapping and loading stuff but settles inbetween the 3GB and 4GB marker with Ultra quality setting. Up-to Full HD (1920x1080) an up-to 3 yet preferred 4 GB graphics card of decent caliber will do the job well. 4 GB is still okay for for 2560x1440, as long as you do not select Ultra quality mode. Maybe in jungle bound environment the recommendation however should be 6 GB already (don't hate me!). At the best image quality settings VRAM eats away a large portion of whatever is available. If you want to play Ultra quality with Ultra HD as preferred monitor resolution, that 4GB is a complete minimum (unless you are comfortable to twiddle and fiddle around a little with AA settings etc).


So what if you do not have a 500 Euro card ? Ultra quality won't cut it? Well, at the cost of image quality you can lower the quality preset modes from Low, Medium, High to Ultra settings. Honestly almost anyone can run Very high quality. but above I have inserted the results of a Radeon RX 480 (8GB), as you can see it is struggling at the ultra quality mode hen ce our recommendation of Very high quality. I've spread out the chart from Full HD towards WQHD towards Ultra HD. You will notice that at Very HIGH quality setting 1080P already becomes very playable at a close to 60 FPS average threshold. Again that's the performance effect of the quality modes in relation to the slower cards out there.


Wildlands looks pretty good. For Nvidia pretty much any card runs just fine. This also is an Nvidia gameworks title. We tried to disable as much Gameworks optimized features like Turf FX, HBAO and godrays as we could. That did however not mean that we did not run into problems, the Radeon cards in the benchmarks behave odd and have the lesser part of the deal here. Often these cards can stutter more worse than Nvidia. A very weird to spot thing, considering how long this title was developed and tested. The game literally can pause for a fraction of a second like it is trying to load up something. Hey as always perhaps a few game future game-patches will solve that. The game itself at 1080p can be played with a GeForce GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 470/480 pretty nicely. The game itself is pretty nice, especially if you like the genre.

Please do make sure you have installed the latest compatible graphics card driver, the new 17.3.1 or higher driver from AMD as well as at least GeForce 378.66 or the newer hotfix drivers. Download the latest AMD Catalyst drivers here and the Nvidia GeForce drivers here.

- H.

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