GeForce GTX 295 single PCB review

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GeForce GTX 295 Single PCB 

Product: GeForce GTX 295 single PCB
Manufacturer: Point of View
SKU code: -
Information: website
Street price: 429 EUR / 499 USD

Hey hey hey now! Welcome to the first review of the GeForce GTX 295 single PCB version. Man, NVIDIA sometimes works in mysterious ways. We've all been hearing about this product for a long time now yet at the threshold of its actual release... everything remains quiet on the side of team green.

There are of course reasons behind that choice (to remain silent) and allow me to explain. The new 'updated' version of the GeForce GTX 295 based on a single PCB is exactly that... an update. Nothing new is to be found on the product when it comes to clocks, thermals, power consumption and so on.

So why is this product replacing the dual-PCB version of the GTX 295 series then you ask? Well the answer is simple; cost control. The dual-PCB versions are being sold with little to no profit at all. And that's just not healthy business for any company.

The demand of the GeForce GTX 295 product is higher than originally anticipated as well. I mean face it, the GTX 295 series graphics cards just offer astounding performance for the money you need to lay down on that counter. So NVIDIA had to come up with a different approach, cut some costs on board design and re-launch it. In a nutshell this is what the GeForce GTX 295 single PCB is all about, a revised version of that 'old' product. And the rest is just all the same. Same power consumption, same thermals, same performance... same price. The inside of the product however, is completely overhauled. Chip Foose couldn't have done it any better.

Of course here at Guru3D we test everything and anything with a GPU slapped on it, and I know you guys have been wondering about this single PCB product for a while now. As such I decided to make a priority out of it. After talking with NVIDIA earlier this week, we got a green light to post a review. We teamed up with the fellas & bro's at Point of View who submitted a board and therefore today you'll be able to read all about this beast of a graphics card.

Have a look at the photo below and let me introduce to you... the GeForce GTX 295 single PCB version.

We'll take it through the complete paces of our review test suite and policy. We'll show you all the ins and outs and we'll be sure to satisfy your hunger, curiosity and intellectual needs. Next page please, where we'll start up the review.

GeForce GTX 295 Single PCB

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