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BFG GeForce GTX 295 review

Product: GeForce GTX 295
Manufacturer: BFG
SKU code: BFGEGTX2951796
Information: website
Street price: 499 USD

You know, it's built for gamers ...

A couple of weeks ago we had the honor of bringing you guys a review on the GeForce GTX 295. And that article proved one thing, it's going to be welcomed into the high-end arena with open arms. It's impressive, it's fast, and heck it even looks good too.

Today however we are re-writing the preview, and will make a fully fledged review of it. For this full review we'll grab a BFG GeForce GTX 295. Everything we could not talk about will be covered and obviously, some additional benchmarks are now included, making this a new review on the GeForce GTX 295 final product.

It does not end there though because today we'll bring you yet another article, GeForce GTX 295 Quad-SLI, heck we just had to give that a try for the sake of it as well. So we took the fastest Core i7 platform money could buy us, made sure we had a 1200 Watt PSU in there and started testing Quad SLI. But again, that's covered in another article though. This one will be all about one single, yet dual-gpu based, GeForce GTX 295 versus it's competition.

And you know what guys? I'm excited as I love the high-end gear and the gaming that goes along with it. Also for this this review, we have received a new final driver, GeForce Forceware 181.20, and I'm happy to report that in several scenarios... it made the games roughly 10% faster than the preview we have shown you. Now though 10% might not sound like a lot, trust me... in the high-end game... it's pretty frickin significant.

Anyway, enough of the introduction, let's have a technical look at the product, look at power consumption, noise levels, temperatures, photos and obviously the performance it'll poop out on your monitor. And sure, we'll overclock it a little as well... You guys ready?

Have a peek at BFG's offering, and then head on over to the next page please.

BFG GeForce GTX 295 review

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