GeForce 9600 GT - Galaxy Silent Heatpipe review

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1 - Silence I kill you !

GeForce 9600 GT passively cooled

Product: GeForce 9600 GT Silent Heatpipe
Manufacturer: Galaxy
SKU code: -
Information: website
Street price: $125

GeForce 9600 GT passively cooledNoise always has been an issue with graphics cards. The past few years however manufacturers have put more emphasis on cooling solutions which although are high performance, are also silent. Every now and then however there are some companies out there releasing a product which is also completely passively cooled.

Granted it's a bit of a tradeoff, as when you passively cool a product, you'll need good ventilation in your PC, adding noise again. By definition that does not whave to be a bad thing though. There are situations where passive cooling can be ideal - Home Theater PCs for example. Or even the common desktop PC if you game heavily and you like the lack of noise as much as I do.

Today therefore we test the first in a two-fold of passively cooled GeForce 9600 GT products. This one comes from the lads at Galaxy, and is completely heatpipe based.

But is it any good ? Let's check out Galaxy's offering of the GeForce 9600 GT Silent Heatpipe version.

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