GC Leipzig Game Convention day 1

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Guru3D at Games Convention Leipzig 2008

GC Leipzig 2008 - Copyright Guru3D.comWe just arrived in bumble-frickin nowhere, Leipzig. The cultural rich Leipzig where this years GC - Game Convention will take place. Guru3D is there pretty much to meet up with some of the hardware vendors. Don't expect a huge report from us as later next week we'll tell you all about the games announced.

Obviously we'll show you some stuff we noticed at the GC none-the-less. I'll start off with day one. We just picked up our press passes and had a quick scenic tour of the facility. There is loads of stuff going on and though the booths are a little smaller, size-wise this exhibition can definitely match with the E3. Obviously all big names are present. We'll definitely talk you through some of them.

The exhibition  unfortunately are extremely busy and it's hard top take photo's. Pretty much anything and anyone can enter this convention, and yes .. you'll even see a  lot of dads with their children. Too weird, especially when it's so busy. Also all halls are extremely dark   .. almost any booth has the color black. not exactly ideal circumstances for photography.

But let me show you some of the photo's and guide you guys through them.

GC Leipzig 2008 - Copyright Guru3D.com

The big entrance of the Leipzig Messe exhibition grounds.

GC Leipzig 2008 - Copyright Guru3D.com

First stop That good old Dutch Philips. They are heavily promoting amBX and quite honesty it's pretty awesome. We talked about the technology before. Incorporating a scripting language, software engine and architecture, amBX has been designed to deliver all-new player experiences through enabled devices such as LED colour-controlled lights, active furniture, fans, heaters, audio and video, which are all placed in the users room. amBX goes even further to provide the support framework for peripheral manufacturers to develop these enabled products, empowering both developers and publishers to amBX-enable and enhance their games. In the future, game players may even be able to author and share their own personal amBX experiences online.

Gaming is about realism and what Philips ads is LED lit effects based on your game screen color, wind .. in windy situations. the games need to be optimized for this. But I know a Dutch NVIDIA board partner  who is going to release kits like these and will request a sample to try out. The kits start at 129 EUR for the LED lit environments, 199 EUR for the LED+sound version and 249 EUR for the LED+sound+wind version. More soon guys.

GC Leipzig 2008 - Copyright Guru3D.com

A new Coolermaster chassis at display. Storm  ... something it was called :)

GC Leipzig 2008 - Copyright Guru3D.com

There it is again, spotted at CeBIT, Computex and now soon available in Europe. The big'ass Coolermaster V8 is also showing again, though names after that roaring American engine.

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