Gainward Music2Go 7.1 & SoundXPlosion 5.1 headphones

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rounddefault-hollywood2go.jpgGainward Music2Go USB soundpuck
& SoundXPlosion 5.1 surround sound headphones

Best on-line price for the Music2Go product

I find some degree of irony in the fact that I have only two ears and just reviewed a couple of multi-channel products sent to us from Gainward. Gainward, as we all know, is most famous for making their "Golden Sample" series of video cards. But now it seems Gainward has broadened its product line to include products not aimed at gamers.  Shocking, but true.


The good news here is that they're kinda cool.


The first product is the Music2Go, a 7.1 channel USB sound uh puck.


It looks like a hockey puck anyway. It is, as the name would imply, an external USB powered sound... uh soundpuck for laptop users, or those looking to fill unused USB ports.


The second bit of kit that Gainward sent us is not a video card, yet still aimed at the gamer. Meet the 5.1 channel SoundXplosion. I'll admit that I'm suspicious about surround-sound headphones. But, I'll also have to admit, surround headphones may be something we didn't know we needed. Especially to gamers with neighbors, or those who frequent LAN parties.




Supposedly, the two products make a great match for each other.


Let's take a look at the Music2Go first.


Gainward Music2Go, dormant stage

The Gainward Music2Go 7.1 channel Soundpuck.

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