G.Skill TridentZ NEO DDR4 3600 MHz (2x32GB) review

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A double data-rate introduction

G.Skill TridentZ NEO DDR4 3600 MHz (2X32GB)
I haz a lot of memory!

G.Skill densed up (is that even a word) the TridentZ NEO DDR4 series, now available at 32GB per DIMM module thanks to new Hynix ICs (16nm C-die). This TridentZ NEO 64GB (x2 32GB) memory is not just purring nicely at 3600 MHz, it has XMP 2.0 memory profiles compatible with both intel and Ryzen platforms as well.

Yes, I've been advocating more DDR4 memory over frequency for years. Now I do need to refine that statement a little bit, as the dynamic changed with AMD Released the Ryzen series. See with an Intel system, whether you use 2667 MHz or 3600 Mhz, you'll be hard-pressed to spot performance differences. Ryzen processors, however, like faster DDR4 memory for gaming, not just that, it has an appetite for low latency DDR4 memory as well. As such over the past two years you've seen an overall bump in DDR4 frequency, 3200 Mhz now is the norm, and something we advise with Rzyen 1000 and 2000 series processors. However the Ryzen 3000 series functions really well at 3600 MHz. Of course, there's another factor to weigh in, AMD has released 3rd gen Threadripper processors, and the more threads you have, the more memory you would want. 64, 128, 256 GB of DRAM, hey it's not as crazy as it sounds with 64-core / 128-threaded processors.

DDR4 memory modules you can choose plenty from, the cheap but dull all-green Kingston Value memory, for example, works absolutely fine. Then the regular mainstream DIMMs, then step it up a little and high-frequency memory is a hint faster and often cooler looking inside your PC with the fancy designs and heat spreaders. The product tested today has simple aluminum heat spreaders, all black. Then there's enthusiast-grade memory for the performance enthusiasts. Team Group is based in Taiwan, a brand we've been working with for a while now as I do believe their products affordable yet offer really good quality and stability. The DIMMs we received today are mainstream to high-end, as they clock in at 3600 MHz (effective through XMP) but have a CL rating of just 18.  Stylish RAM for the people that need fast performance, the people that build their own PCs, and perhaps customize them a little.

That all said and done, G.Skill now offer DDR4 modules with an amazing density of 32GB populated RAM per DIMM. They just submitted the CL18 version for a review, and I know, that's a bit slow on the latency side, but it's running 3600 MHz. The kits have been designed specifically for Ryzen processors, and thus Threadripper processors as well. Meaning, if you have updated your sBIOS towards the latest revision, this memory you can insert and it'll work straight out of the box by activating an XMP profile. Volume over frequency configured at CL18-25-25-45 as what we're looking at today. There's also a CL16 version available btw, but this CL18 kit currently sells at roughly 200 bucks, that's  3 bucks per GB yo!


The TridentZ RGB series are hip and trendy alright, they fit the LED themed PCs and components these days. Admittedly, there's LED and then there's proper LED implementation that works good and looks good. The TridentZ RGB modules as far as I am concerned do fall within that last category as they have been implemented in an aesthetically pleasing manner, but then G.SKILL added some more TLC as you can control the LEDs in relation to color and animation. The DIMM RGB configuration will also be compatible with Aura SYNC, MSI Mystic Light an and such.  

At defaults, though this kit will revert to the most popular setting, a rainbow of colors in a wave-style lighting effect, illuminating your PC with many shades of RGB. It does it all with without extra cables and connectors. Next to all the RGB bling, you should realize, these are TridentZ DDR4 DIMMs, and that means you'll see many high-frequency and low latency options for your purchasing needs available. Stylish RAM memory for the people that need fast performance, the people that build their own PCs, perhaps customize it a little. In that mindset, G.SKILL released a new series based on quality, performance, and LED-lit aesthetics in the TridentZ package. These DIMMs will most certainly not be the cheapest, but incredibly cool with great looks and high frequencies that can be enabled with a simple XMP profile in your BIOS. We received a dual-channel kit, 32GB of it .. configured over two DIMMs thus holding a staggering 32 GB each. Being G.Skill these DIMMs will all receive a lifetime warranty as well as being SPD profile compatible, enabled with a simple 'XMP' profile in your BIOS. Anyway, let's fire up this review

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