G.Skill RipJaws SR910 7.1 channel headset review

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G.Skill RipJaws SR910 7.1 channel Headset

As G.Skill widens up their gaming arena by releasing gaming peripherals they have not only released a line of exciting memory products, they now offer gaming products including headsets, mice and keyboards. In  this round we are looking at their all new SR910 USB game headset. This gaming headset offers true 7.1 channel audio with the help 10 drivers houses inside the ear-cups! Yep, that is five magnets in each ear-cup. The headset is aimed at gamers who like precision positioned audio, so that when they get sniped .. they will actually hear the bullet coming from behind them (well, at least hear a rifle firing before stuff goes completely dark I guess). The SR910 comes with retractable boom MIC (environmental noise cancelling) and even an USB control pod which you can use to alter each and every audio channel. Armed with nice looks and true 7.1 channel audio this head set can be purchased for just 139 USD. The product definitely has good looks a comfortable feel with intriguing audio features - this product is bound to impress. It has ten neodymium magnets and USB drivers that include 7.1 surround sound, it is capable of offering 16-bit/48 KHz playback and has a frequency response of 30Hz to 20kHz. 

G.Skill added the SR910 model and which proclaims to be a TRUE 7.1 surround gaming headset that brings in realistic multi-channel-like gaming audio, albeit there is some XEar3D positional audio processing going on alright. Next to that, the drivers used in combination with a software suite produce audio at a level that makes the headset really good to listen to music, movies and of course predominantly, gaming. The SR910 connects to your USB port and as such does not have regular audio jacks. Being tied to USB means you'll be tied to a chip that is supported, we think G.Skill uses a C-Media chip which has support for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. Windows 10 is obviously supported as well, you will need to download the latest driver for the full software suite which allows you to tweak audio to your audiophile preference.

Tagged at roughly 139 USD / €129  the product will carry a 2 year warranty ensuring that the headset will 'love you long time'. Anyway, let's head on-wards and find out how the new headset works and most of all, sounds. But have a peek at that new look, pretty sweet huh ? Hit the next page please.


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