Review: FSP Hydro PTM X Pro 1000 W Platinum ATX 3.0 PSU

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Product interior showcase

After removing the top of the case, we can see the following:


We can see a 120-mm fan—a Protechnic Electric MGA12012XF-O25, FDB fan running at 12V DC, 0.52 A, with revs up to 2700 rpm and a 25-mm thickness. The airflow is 96.2 CFM, the air pressure is 5.51 mmH2O, and the noise is 40.6 dBA. It should activate at around 300 W load. FSP’s PSUs should be highly reliable. They offer an excellent 10-year warranty. The inside is coated against dust/stains and humidity.


Without cables, the unit weighs over 1.6 kg.


Coming from ‘Nippon Chemicon,’ this is a well-recognized and highly reputable 100% Japanese capacitor manufacturer. FSP’s PSUs are highly reliable, offering ratings of 105C, which is precisely what you want to see in any good-quality PSU.


FSP has made a platform for its Hydro PTM X Pro series products.


The APFC MOSFETs are 4x Infineon IPA60R099P6 (600V, 24A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 0.099Ohm), with Texas Instruments UCD28070 APFC Controller. The IC drivers are Weltrend WT7527RA, and Champion CM6901T2X Resonant Controller.



On the secondary side, you’ll see six Toshiba TPH1R306PL power MOSFETs and six Infineon BSC0901NS MOSFETs. There’s also a uPI Semiconductor uP3861P controller and Novosense Nsi6602 driver IC.

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