FSP Hydro PTM Pro (1200W PSU) review

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FSP HYDRO PTM PRO 1200 W power supply

Today we’re putting the new FSP HYDRO PTM PRO 1200 W power supply on our test bench. The company is mainly known for the PSUs, but they also make some chassis and the UPSes. The series was introduced at the end of September’20, so it’s already 1.5 years on the market. But is it wrong, and would it make it obsolete? There were no significant revolutions in the past year in the power supplies. But this will change soon. Why’s that? Mainly because of the implementation of the PCI-Express 5.0 generation's power connector. Recently FSP has announced that the 80PLUS PLATINUM-certified model "Hydro PTM PRO" series (850W / 1000W / 1200W) and the 80PLUS GOLD certified model "Hydro G PRO" series (850W / 1000W) is ATX 3.0 compliant. The reviewed sample was sent earlier than that information, and it doesn’t have the new connector. The "12V HPWR" connector used in the latest revision is a 12 + 4pin specification consisting of 12pin for power supply and 4pin for signal. It is possible to deliver up to 600W, which is incompatible with standard 8pin (6 + 2pin) and 6pin connectors. Additionally, a specialized modular connection is developed for the body of the power supply unit. A label attached to the box indicates the most recent version that complies with the new standard.


Let’s begin with an overview of the reviewed sample. The FSP HYDRO PTM PRO 1200 W is an ATX power supply with a semi-passive mode. Here, you can find the Off-Wet technology "conformal coating," an original feature that protects the power supply and its internal components from dust and humidity. According to FSP, the Hydro PTM PRO series is tested to work correctly even in 95% relative humidity. Under the hood, we have an FSP platform with the highest quality and reliability that distinguishes this brand. This time, it’s an 1200 Watt model (in black), with an 80 PLUS® Platinum certificate, which means that it’s 92% efficient at 50% load @ 115 V, and 94% efficient @ 230 V. It is crucial because less consumed energy goes to waste (at least not in a significant amount), and that should affect your energy bill. It is essential in these wicked times, where energy prices skyrocketed recently. Speaking of fan – it’s a 135 mm fluid dynamic bearing one, but it’s possible to have a passive mode enabled till almost 400 W of power consumption.



HYDRO PTM PRO 1200 W is a fully modular PSU, even the motherboard connectors are not attached permanently to the housing, but you still have to use most of them anyway. Nearly all cases have a power supply shroud now (at least ATX-sized ones do), so the unit and the cables will be hidden in most scenarios. There are no colour variants, the only one available in black, but that’s typical for this kind of product. There are other wattage versions available:

  • 650 W (164.99 USD/124.99 EUR)
  • 750 W (189.99 USD/139.99 EUR)
  • 850 W (214.00 USD/174.99 EUR)
  • 1000 W (249.00 USD/189.99 EUR)
  • 1200 W (269.99 USD/214.99 EUR)

We can agree that there’s nothing left to be desired in the department of wattage choice. The 1200 Watt available in the reviewed unit should be more than enough for most users; even an i9 12900K combined with the Geforce RTX 3090 shouldn’t be a problem. The HYDRO PTM PRO 1200 W is built with 100% Japanese capacitors and other premium components to achieve 80 Plus Platinum Certification; thus, that provides enhanced reliability and durability. The unit is not compact (but would you expect it from such a powerful unit?), as it measures 190 mm, x 150 mm x 85 mm. The PSU can be found for 269.9 USD for the 1200 W. A 10-year warranty backs FSP’s HYDRO PTM PRO 1200 W. Ok, let’s check out this PSU from FSP, shall we? 

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