Freezer Xtreme Arctic Cooler CPU cooler review

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1 - I feel a freeze coming up ...

Artic Cooler -- Freezer Xtreme

Product: Freezer Xtreme CPU cooler
Manufacturer: Artic Cooling
SKU code: TBA
Information: website
Street price: 45 USD \ 35 EUR

Artic Cooler -- Freezer XtremeHeatpipe based coolers are pretty cool, and .. no pun intended here. They come in all sorts of designs, flavors and price ranges. One of the companies always out there with some new and effective work of cooling is the reputable Arctic Cooling.

A little while ago they released a new model heatpipe based cooler and their marketing department asked us to review it. I had no clue which model they were about to submit, but hey .. it's AC, so that's always good.

The unit submitted is the Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme, which can cool the latest AMD and Intel processors. Something changed on the design though, as they did something pretty radical. They formed this four heatpipe based product into a "U" shape and then placed the ventilator right smack down in the middle. It's interesting to say the very least. The new Freezer Xtreme will feature a unique twin tower design and it will be able to achieve a stunning 160W of cooling capacity.

So, once their cooler arrived, I noticed it was the new Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme model. Now, the weekend before I started reviewing this unit, I had just seen X-men 3, and guys .. come on doesn't that cooler looks very similar to the "X" logo.

Hehe, alright let's startup this review, next page page please.


Artic Cooler -- Freezer Xtreme

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