Fractal Design Torrent Black RGB TG review

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Fractal Design Torrent Black RGB TG review
Very different, very cool, very loud

Many people will be familiar with Fractal Design, particularly as a manufacturer of high-quality and well-designed cases. In addition to modernizing classics like the Define, the company always is experimenting with new design concepts, such as the Torrent, to see what works best.

Meet the torrent; a very different type of PC case from what we are used to seeing from Fractal Design, with a strong emphasis on airflow rather than being quiet. The cooling performance is more than satisfactory, and the Torrent has proper acoustic qualities, as long as you don't run the five fans (on high RPM) that come with the computer to their maximum capacity.  In addition to Torrent Black, Grey, and White, the Fractal Design Torrent is also available in Torrent White. Potential purchasers have the option of selecting either metal side panels or a moderately or substantially tinted glass panel on the left side of the chassis. There is also an RGB version available. Torrent Black is the inspiration for this design. It is made up of darkened glass panels on both sides and has five ARGB fans, the version we test today has dual-sided tempered glass (tinted). In terms of aesthetics, the chassis has a fairly aggressive appearance, with a prominent front mesh panel and glass panels on both sides. It's stated that the tint on this model is light, but it's actually pretty dark — I suppose a dark tint will prevent you from seeing much of the interior at all. The decision to move the PSU mounts to the top of the enclosure will be perceived as a contentious one, but you will see for yourself that it has a significant impact on the airflow and cooling performance of the Torrent.

That Torrent Fan Hub recall

Shortly after the public release Fractal Design temporarily paused sales of the Torrent case in order to ensure a defect was ruled out replacing the fan HUB. User's of torrent cases were being advised to disable the fan hub as a short-circuit was possible, We test the updated model, with revised fan HUB, the product that currently is shipping. Those unaware of the issue, please look here and order a replacement HUB (free).

Mainboard compatibility E-ATX / ATX / mATX / ITX / SSI-EEB / SSI-CEB
Dimensions 544 x 242 x 530 mm
Solid 10.4 kg
Black/Grey TG 11.1 kg
White TG 10.8 kg
Fan positions
front 2x 180 mm (included) or 3x 140/120 mm
Tail 1x 140/120 mm
Bottom 3x 140/120 mm (3x 140 mm included) or 2x 180 mm
Radiator compatibility
front up to 420 mm
Tail up to 140 mm
Bottom up to 420 mm
Max. Length GPU 461 mm (423 mm with front fans)
Max. Length PSU 230 mm
Max. Height CPU cooler 188 mm
Drive mounts
2.5" 4
3.5" 2
Front ports 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 2x USB 3.0, HD Audio, Power/Reset Buttons
Features Supporting GPU mount, fan hub for up to 9 fans, power supply cover with ARGB effects, dust filter
Torrent Black RGB 230 USD/EUR
other versions 190 USD/EUR

The Torrent RGB ($189.99) from Fractal Style has an eye-catching design that we can't help but like in a variety of ways. The case's internal structure allows assembling or updating a system centered on a full-size or larger motherboard as simple as it possibly can be. If it weren't for the plastic front and top panels, as well as the high price, we'd be looking at the perfect large ATX or Extended ATX (E-ATX) chassis right now. Unfortunately, major portions of the Torrent RGB's body are made entirely of plastic, which gives the case the appearance of being significantly less expensive than its near-$200 pricing would suggest. 


There are some differences between the Torrent and other types of housing; the Torrent is designed to maximize airflow and has a rather open front. In contrast to almost all other chassis, Fractal Design has chosen to place the power supply at the top of the enclosure rather than at the bottom, as is customary. This is done in order to provide a place for fans at the bottom of the chassis, which will allow air to circulate not just from front to rear, but also from bottom to top, as well.  In addition to the Torrent, Fractal Design is introducing two new fans: the Prisma ARGB PWM and Dynamic X2 PWM, all of which are available in 140mm and 180mm sizes, respectively, from Fractal Design. They are equipped with two huge 180mm units at the front of the housing, one for the RGB version of the Torrent and the other for the version without RGB lighting, in the RGB version of the Torrent. Three 140mm fans are located at the bottom of the case. Yeah, it's all a little .. different.

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