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That C redefined to Meshify
A new improved and overhauled Define C

Fractal Design recently released their new Meshify C mid tower. The product is based on the Define C, but now has a bit more airflow thanks to a mesh front panel. 

This all predominantly black chassis comes with decent cooling options, lovely design and it will house up-to motherboards up-to a standard ATX form factor. Armed with a covered PSU (compartment) this product is made with airflow and liquid cooling in mind to serve the more performance oriented PCs. You'll love the storage options, style, USB 3.1 and low noise levels. With the  C series for compact chassis they have a couple of new features, and aimed at a relatively smaller form factor and silence.

The Meshify C comes with two performance Fractal Design Dynamic 120mm fans that are already have been factory installed, and that means good ventilation versus fairly little noise. At the front side you could even mount three of them and in the top you can mount two 120/140mm fans or if it fits a radiator up-to 240/280mm. The top side has a magnetic based dust filter, easily removed. This is Fractal Design meaning, many other features that we'll show you in this review, like cable routing space, removable fan filters, CPU cooler sizes limits of up to 172mm, graphics cards up-to 315mm, a stylish black paint job and a top mounted I/O panel with two USB 3.1 ports, audio in/out, power button, HDD activity led and power/reset buttons. This chassis comes with a rear mounted hard disk storage, trays with vibration-dampening grommets allowing for installation of one 3.5" or 2.5" drive on each tray. So yeah, there is some extra room behind the motherboard tray for a thing or two as well. An interesting chassis alright. Have a peek first, and then let's start-up this review shall we? Next page please.


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