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Forspoken Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis Review 
PC graphics performance review and analysis

We're updating our benchmark suite with a new some new titles and a new test system. As such, we have some new benchmark results to present to you. This title is all about adding another Raytracing-compatible title into our graphics card test suite. Note: this review is based on the latest February patch.

Forspoken is a role-playing action game (RPG) for PC that takes players on a thrilling journey through a magical and mystical world. With stunning graphics, an immersive storyline, and a diverse cast of characters, Forspoken promises to be one of the most captivating RPGs of the year. We'll check it out on the PC and fire off all popular graphics cards on it. Forspoken is an action-adventure RPG that takes you on a journey as Frey Holland, a young New Yorker transported to the fantastical world of Athia. In this third-person perspective, you'll explore the open world and complete quests while battling against enemies with a combination of magic spells and medieval combat. With each victory, you'll earn experience points to upgrade your abilities and bring you closer to freeing Athia from the tyranny of the Tantas.


Developed by the talented team at Square Enix's latest studio, Luminous Productions, Forspoken promises fast-paced action and parkour elements reminiscent of the beloved Final Fantasy series. The game runs on Luminous Engine, an improved version of the engine used in Final Fantasy XV, optimized for next-gen game consoles and capable of stunning ray tracing on DirectX 12-enabled Windows. Additionally, Forspoken is the first title to support DirectStorage, ensuring faster load times. Forspoken on PC offers a promising start with its extensive settings menu, including image reconstruction techniques, dynamic resolution, Raytracing, and even offers a steep in-game benchmark. Regarding image quality, DLSS, FSR, and XeSS are available based for your compatible GPU. However, each does not come problem free.

If you're a fan of action RPG games, you won't want to miss Forspoken. Join Frey on her journey and experience a world, unlike anything you've seen before. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the Forspoken from a PC graphics performance and PC gaming perspective.

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