EVGA nForce 750i SLI FTW For The Win review

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SKU: 123-YW-E175-A1
Manufacturer: eVGAMSRP: 179 USD

eVGA nForce 750i SLI FTW For Teh Win mainboard reviewFace it, how many of you have been yearning and looking at the new nForce 780 and 790 mainboard ? Heck even 680i is still pretty sexy. There all just really expensive aren't they ? The one product that does offer the overclocking performance of the above mentioned mainboard however is less attractive as it was stripped of numerous features and comes in that fugly green color, you know it as the nForce 680 LT.

eVGA however decided to make a new somewhat cheaper mainboard opposed to 780/790, designed it l33t, sexy yet offer two or maybe three features less than these sub 300 USD counterparts. They named their new baby the eVGA nForce 750 FTW. Where FTW literally means "For The Win". Now if you send a product with "FTW" in the actual name then as a company you need to have some pretty big balls, as any reviewer will test until they faint to see if that product lives up-to the reputation. You know what, they need balls as big as an NVIDIA colored bull.

But man granted .. eVGA surely knew what they where doing. Without further ado let me introduce to you guys the new The EVGA 750i SLI FTW, designed for enthusiasts with a price in mainstream segment, a mainboard that has solid state capacitors with 6 phase power design to achieve the stability of extreme FSB and memory overclocking. EVGA brands the 750i SLI FTW For the Win.

With a pricetag around $179.99 check out some of it's features:

  • Extreme overclocking speeds supporting 1600MHz FSB and beyond.
  • 6 phase power design for the stability and performance.
  • Solid state capacitors allowing better overclocking and stability.
  • Easy troubleshooting features with on-board CMOS Reset button.
  • Extreme DDR2 speeds of 1066MHz and beyond.
  • Intel Socket 775, 45nm CPU Ready (Yorkfield & Wolfdale)
  • Right-Angled SATA-2 Ports, RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5, JBOD
  • NV SLI Certified. PCI-E 2.0

That's right man, it's Intel Penryn ready, can do SLI, overclocks highly and just looks downright sexy. What's the difference with the nForce 780 you aks ? Well, the third SLI PCIe connecter, one Ethernet connector. EPP BIOS and a four SATA port castration. But really ... that's roughly it man. Oh and it's roughly 100 bucks cheaper, which never sucks.

The best thing yet .. I mentioned this in our 780 and 790 review already, what I always have missed is a CMOS reset button. Dump that silly jumpe, we want a button. And you guessed it already; it's integrated. <- insert little heart smiley here.

Have a peek guys and gals, after which we'll walk through the technology you get to play around with. Obviously we'll do an extensive overclocking session as well. It literally took us 10 seconds to oveclock a Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2,4 GHz) towards 3,6 GHz on air cooling. Aah ! Can you tell I'm excited ?

eVGA nForce 750i SLI FTW For Teh Win mainboard review

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