Everglide s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones

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Everglide S-500 Professional Gaming Headphones

Info: everglide.com

Price: $99 USD

Everglide S-500 Professional Gaming Headphones 

Everglide s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones.  I am so glad not to be reviewing a product that has an x in the name.  I feel so refreshed.  I might still type an x, on accident, though.


You don't have to convince me that headphones are great for games and music.  I've been using headphones for years, especially for music.  Headphones are especially great at LAN parties where you need them, not to keep your neighbors happy, but to keep yourself from going nuts.


Speaking of games and headphones, let me introduce the Everglide s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones.


The x-500 are actually fairly normal looking, sealed-back, circumaural headphones from Everglide, the company that made us think a little bit harder about mouse mats.  The s-500 are part of Everglides line-up for gamers, which also include a mouse and a keyboard, and are rather professional and business like in appearance.


It also strikes me funny to have both the words professional and gaming in the same sentence, especially if its something you have to ask somebody else to buy for you.  Of course, when you actually oogle and fondle the s-500, you have to wonder why are Everglide so serious?  I mean, where are the glowing lights?  Wheres the rumble?  No?  Well, the point is, gaming is serious business.


I have to stay serious myself, and it is tempting not to, because we're talking about games here.  But, headphones are one of my more serious passions.  So I cast aside my own predisposition for ADD, and let's get down to review-time!


A Big Gaming Box

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