EnGenius ECW336 WIFI6E Access Point review

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EnGenius ECW336 Cloud Access WIFI6E Point
Cloud-managed WIFI6E 4x4 

EnGenius is a company offering some of the most advanced network products for your household, small office and professional situated business right need.  It's a company on the edge frontering into the latest technologies. In the past year we've tested several of their products ranging from Switches to access points. In the very same year WIFI6E took off as a new feature for loads of WIFI6E-enabled motherboards, and of course, the latest smartphones support it as well. In short WIFI6E seats itself in the 6 GHz spectrum offering proper WIFI performance as it bypasses over utilized and saturated WIFI spaces. That 6 GHz band isn't all saying as it's a more complex frequency, it works best in a direct line of sight situated environment. If you are in the same room as the AP or router, you can obtain super fast wifi running well over even 1200 Mbit/sec. But as this review will demonstrate, at 7-meter distances going through a wall you can still achieve a very stable 500 Mbit/sec on that frequency, which is plenty fast for your smartphone. And you're likely the only one using that frequency band. With 6E in mind, EnGenius released the ECW336. This access point can quickly be hooked into your existing network and comes with exceptionally good (but somewhat difficult) cloud configuration access. Something else that is rather premium is the inclusion of a 5GbE port.

Of course, the AP is backwards compatible with anything WIFI; it has 802.11ax technologies, such as OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and spatial reuse, it by the way is 4x4 which allows you to enhance the possibilities of Wi-Fi6. A wireless access point functions similarly as a router extension. It's an Ethernet-connected device that gives wireless coverage to the surrounding region. You can dramatically increase your network coverage using a router and a collection of access points. However, not all access points are created equal. An access point poorly constructed or unsecured might be a big weakness in your network. This is terrible news if you're concerned about the security of your network. At the same time, you don't want to go without internet connectivity entirely. Instead, look for a wireless access point with enough security measures. Here's where the ECW336 also is a little unique; you can make use of cloud configuration and monitoring at no additional costs. You plug it in, connect it to the cloud with your smartphone, and you'll retrieve many options through an easy-to-use (but requires an understanding of network topology and configuration) web interface. Not only is that helping in ease of use, it also updates firmware to keep your hardware safe and stable.

  • Indoor 802.11ax (WiFi 6E) access point
  • Max. speed 2.4GHz: 1148Mbps
  • Max. speed 5GHz: 2400Mbps
  • Max. speed 6GHz: 4800 Mbps
  • Remote management via Cloud is possible
  • 1x 5 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Port Powered via 12V DC or 802.3at PoE+
  • Ceiling or wall mounting 
  • Built-in 4x4 antenna 6dBi
  • 23dBm/200mW transmit power
  • WPA3 and WPA2-AES authentication

It can be difficult to keep your network secure, but what if you are a small firm with a smaller network or a prosumer with a comparable network at home? Keeping track of everything is typically entrusted to a single person, who is not always an IT specialist.  


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