Review: Enermax Liqmaxflo 360 AIO cooler

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Product Installation



The Enermax Liqmaxflo 360 ARGB installation process is described in the printed manual, but you can find it on the Enermax website. We’ll show it to you on the example of the AMD AM5 platform.


You need to remove the standard AMD brackets and use the bundled standoffs.


The paste is already pre-applied, so you need to tighten the spring screw to secure the pump-block.


Of course, you should remove the protective film from the cold plate. For the sake of the review, we used Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut as a thermal paste. With the paste applied, all that needs to be done is to slide the CPU block into place and secure it to the mounting brackets. Position the heatsink on the CPU and begin tightening, alternating, and applying even pressure.


After that, you must put the VRM fan in the designated place on the pump. The magnets should hold it correctly.

The Intel LGA 1700 installation is also easy (but you need to use the provided backplate).

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