Review: Enermax Liqmaxflo 360 AIO cooler

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The Liqmaxflo 360 has three ENERMAX OCSFARGB12P-LMF A-RGB fans. They have fan speeds between 500 and 1800 rpm, a maximum airflow of 58.03 CFM, and a static pressure of 2.4 mmH2O. One thing worth mentioning is that they’re 26.8 mm thick, not 25 mm.




As for the radiator, it’s aluminium (quite typical for the AIOs) with many fins. The dimensions of the radiator sizes are 400 (L) x 120 (W) x 38 (H) mm mm.


The tubing has a nylon braid and a length of 400 mm, and it is pretty flexible (and doesn’t produce kinging).



The Enermax Liqmaxflo 360 ARGB looks quite original (due to the pump design, with the VRM fan attached using the magnets), like its predecessor, but is more attractive. RGB lovers should find it a good match for their systems with the Liqmaxflo 360 ARGB, but there is also a non-RGB variant (SR, but the radiator is thinner).


The base of the block does not have a mirror finish, and there's a pre-applied thermal paste.

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