Review: Enermax Liqmaxflo 360 AIO cooler

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Specifications and features

Some marketing info:

“ENERMAX has released the LIQMAXFLO series, its first AIO CPU cooler, characterized by integrating a VRM fan. The cooler is built around ENERMAX’s Dual-Chamber Xtreme pump and features an advanced silent fan to ensure efficient cooling with controlled noise levels, registering at a maximum of 23.46 dBA. The design of the LIQMAXFLO series emphasizes intelligent PWM control that extends to the VRM fan, radiator fan, and pump. The Silent Flow PWM fan by ENERMAX contributes to the silent operation, with its efficiency stemming from the updated fan blade design and specific angling. Cooling efficiency is further augmented with the 60 mm VRM fan housed in the water block. This fan promotes better air circulation within the system, effectively lowering the temperatures of CPU VRMs and surrounding motherboard components.
Additionally, the magnetic pump cover is rotationally adjustable up to 90°, with more cover designs anticipated for added customization. The LIQMAXFLO series, the first to incorporate ENERMAX’s Dual-Chamber Xtreme pump, exhibits an eight °C drop in thermal output under a 250 W load relative to its predecessor. The superior performance results from the patented Shunt-Channel technology by ENERMAX, an expanded coolant inlet, and a refined flow design. These advancements contribute to a 30% rise in the pump’s overall hydraulic head and a 20% increase in the coolant flow rate. The cooler is designed with a 38 mm-thick squared radiator, providing an enhanced coolant volume for better thermal regulation than the typical 27 mm design. Longevity is emphasized with an extra 100-ml coolant bottle, facilitating straightforward replenishment via the specific port. The kit also contains a 400 mm durable tube, pre-loaded Dow Corning TC-5888 thermal paste, and fasteners for easy setup. The LIQMAXFLO series addresses the diverse needs of professionals and gaming enthusiasts with radiator sizes of 240 mm, 360 mm, and 420 mm. ENERMAX has also launched the LIQMAXFLO SR series, a beginner-friendly range featuring 120 mm, 240 mm, and 360 mm radiators of 27 mm thickness and non-RGB silent fans.









Liqmaxflo 360 ARGB





Intel – LGA 1700, LGA1200, LGA115X, LGA20xx+(V3)





400 (L) x 120 (W) x 38 (H) mm




Model: OCSFARGB12P-LMF- 120 mm Fan x3

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 26.8 mm

Fan Speed: 500–1800 RPM

Fan Airflow: 58.03 CFM

Static Pressure:  2.4 mmH2O



VRM module:

VRM fan: 500-3000 rpm (PWM controlled)




Rpm: 1200—3000 rpm (PWM controlled)

Power consumption: up to 5.16 W (0.43 A/12 V DC)




Enermax Liqmaxflo 360 ARGB is sold at an MSRP of 129.99 USD, and the warranty is five years long. So, with that said, done and out of the way, let’s head to the product(s) showcase. 


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