Enermax Fulmo GT review

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Big bigger, biggest  .... and then some more

We review and test the Fulmo GT. Enermax has been going very strong with their power supply and fans. For a while now they also offer PC cases, and they also released what seems to be the biggest chassis I've ever laid my hands on. This chassis series has HPTX support for the bigger than biggest motherboards and some pretty cool features as well.

Now here at Guru3D.com we review our share of chassis alright, and well, you do have to bring something interesting to the table if you as a manufacturer get queued up for a review as there are sooo many cheap sub-par alternatives on the market these days. 

Nice  looks, tool free design, all black inside, removable Bezel, USB 3.0 compatibility, motherboard CPU cooler cutout, swappable HDD trays .. really just by looking at the Fulmo GT you recognize the very same quality and detail you see in the top of the line chassis from Cooler Master, Corsair, BitFenix, NZXT, Fractal Design .. and that  list certainly can go on.

The Fulmo is Enermax's flagship tower series cases in, and actually will be available in both a full-tower and mid-tower format. The Fulmo GT is definitely the most feature rich model and has support HPTX-sized motherboards. The mid-tower Fulmo has support for regular mATX and ATX boards.

The Fulmo GT comes with LED activated Vegas fans and by pushing the LED knob on the top of the case, three 18cm Vegas fans can be controlled simultaneously bringing you now only massive airflow, but also light effects. You'll spot a fan controller, HDD dock on top of the chassis and space ... oh man the space. Anyway, have a peek first before we dive into the review.



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