ECS Z77H2-AX Golden motherboard preview

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ECS z77h2-ax PREVIEW

A very confusing release from Intel is their Z77 chipset and Ivy Bridge processors release. They where to be launched then delayed, then delayed further, then pushed forward again, then the processor is delayed and the motherboards all of the sudden could be shown at CeBIT. Quite confusing really.

Though Z77 is now officially introduced the Ivy bridge processors aren't. So we have been serving you guyes a series of Z77 motherboard previews from MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte and we wanted to add ECS as well.

We could pop in Sandy-Bridge processors and review the Z77 boards, but really ... it's pointless as USB 3.0 you couldn't measure, PCie 3.0 wouldn't kick in and the rest .. we'll it's nearly the same isn't it ? So we'll wait with the full Z77 motherboard review once Ivy Bridge processors are unleashed onto the amrket.

ECS of course will offer a good variety of Z77 products as well, today we preview the Z77H2-AX, a board that is going to surprise you. Dr. Evil's 'GOOOOOOOOOLD' will continuously pop into you mind whilst browsing through this review.

The Z77H2-AX is gold plated everywhere. The motherboard of course is intended for Intel's 22nm processors that will be coming out later this year based on Socket LGA1155 however the motherboard also supports Sandy bridge processors like the Core i7 2600K. With this preview we are able to give you a closer look at the motherboard itself -- and really the pictures alone are worth it.

Have a peek at what is the ECS Z77H2-AX 'Ivy Bridge' ready Motherboard.

ECS z77h2-ax PREVIEW

The Z77H2-AX certainly is a good looking motherboard alright. Black / gold  style, new cooling heatsinks. Definitely  a nice thing to see.

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