ECS P67H2-A Sandy bridge motherboard preview

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ECS P67H2-A Sandy bridge motherboard preview

ECS P67H2-A Sandy bridge motherboard sneak peek

ECS P67H2-A Sandy bridge motherboard previewIn the near future time-frame Intel is to launch Sandy Bridge based processors. New Intel processors always come with a new motherboard chipset to support them. The P series motherboard chipsets (codename Cougar point) are performance series without any integrated graphics connectivity, the H series of course vice versa.

In today's preview we'll show you a very exquisite offering from ECS, we'll preview their P67H2-A Sandy bridge motherboard. Now since the processors and chipset itself are still under NDA we can not disclose nor discuss them.

We however can show you the motherboard and what ECS is trying to do here. You'll notice a very impressive motherboard loaded with features and options, heck the P67H2-A even comes with not one, but two NEC USB controller allowing 4 ports, an Hydra chip is embedded so you can share and combine graphics cards and overall there's a lot more to see alright. Have a peek down below, also make note of the fact what extreme steps forward ECS has made as of lately, promising to be a real contender in the enthusiast segment of motherboards.

Have a peek and then head onwards to the next page, where we'll dive into a photo shoot of the P67H2-A Sandy bridge motherboard.

ECS P67H2-A Sandy bridge motherboard preview


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