ECS H67H2-M Black Deluxe review

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ECS H67H2-M Mini-ATX motherboard

The H67H2-M Black Deluxe (Micro ATX)

A short while ago we peeked at one of ECS's smallest H67 motherboards available on the market  (mini-ITX), this week we step it up a little. A nice H67 motherboard, again from ECS, yet with more features and now all molded into a Micro ATX motherboard.

This Micro-ATX based motherboard is 244mm x 244mm, you just pop in a Core i7 2600 and you'll have one of the fastest systems your money can get you (baseline performance that is), as such we have tested this product with much satisfaction.

The H67H2-M motherboard is not at all big alright, but is has interesting features including SATA 6G, USB 3.0, a x16 PCIe slot for high-end graphics, two PCie 1x slots and even a PCI slot, then HDMI, DVI, DSUB, 8-channel audio and all that on this passively cooled little motherboard.

In this review you'll notice that this 139 EUR piece of machinery is just as fast as any other P67 (baseline performance), armed with a Core i7 2600 it will leave most processors far behind it in terms of performance. Are there downsides? Sure, being a H series product overclocking is not really an option and your memory is limited to 2 DIMM slots in dual-channel mode up-to 1333 MHz.

But my man...  this thing idles at roughly 40 Watts, and when that Sandy Bridge processor kicks in, you'll have no idea what's coming straight at you when it comes to sheer performance as the Core i5/i7 2300/2400/2500 and 2600 processors in combo with this chipset just offer so much raw performance.

But before we start off, lets have a peek at the ECS H67H2-M motherboard, and then let's head into the full review.

ECS H67H2-M Mini-ATX motherboard


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