DeepCool QuadStellar review

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DeepCool QuadStellar PC Chassis
A Precious Alien Sitting In Your Room

We review one of the most fascinating chassis of the year 2018, yes DeepCool send us their all new QuadStellar. A chassis that will follow up the TriStellar, this round with four compartments and a WIFI controllable FAN/RGB LED system. When you unpack this puppy, it almost feels like you have something alien in your house. 

DeepCool has been up and coming, their TriStellar series became hugely popular when it went viral on ye ol' interwebz. And that gave them a more secure name/branding in the USA and EU channels. DeepCool typically was mainly known for their cooling solutions, these days they offer proper AIO liquid cooling kit and a number of chassis. Something new was announced at Computex 2017, their QuadStellar project with angles, shapes, compartments, and styles like you've never seen before. The QuadStellar is all about aesthetics. Much like the "Tristellar" the New QuadStellar adopts a unique design, each component is divided into sections called "cabins" and your hardware components are installed there, separated. Make no mistake, this puppy can hold even can take large motherboards up-to an E-ATX (305 × 330 mm) form factor. You are going to spot nine storage bays, and then some more. Here's a fun fact, the chassis has an independent graphics card compartment, which in theory could even house two or three full-length cards.


The chassis also sports RGB LED illumination controllable by an APP on your smartphone, that same app regulates fan control function and something that is called, an "Active thermal control gate" which opens the four front panels automatically (electrical motors) when the temperature inside the case rises too much. 

  • Customizable RGB Lighting System to create a gamers' exclusive gaming atmosphere
  • Adjustable fan speed to achieve an optimal balance between speed and noise
  • Intelligent temperature control, featuring higher accommodation and cooling performance.

... I Want to Believe

Next to looking like something out of space, really this is a chassis, you'll an all dark interior, each compartment has tempered glass, the motherboard tray has grommet holes that are rubberized, a PSU compartment and sure, pretty decent cable routing as well. It won't be cheap at 399 USD, and availability will be severely limited. But you can certainly tell that this is something special, very special. Lets head onwards to the next page, and startup our review.

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