DeepCool MF120 Frameless WIFI RGB Fan Review

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DeepCool MF120 Frameless RGB Fan
WIFI controlled Frameless RGB fan kit including controller

In this quick test, we briefly peek at the new MF120 Frameless WIFI RGB series fans from DeepCool, the fans are not just unique looking with an aluminum base finish, the RGB LED strip can be controlled over WIFI with your smartphone as well. Over at Computex 2017, DeepCool was showing a lot of stuff, including this fairly intricate fan set, nothing like you’ve seen before. They are introducing a frameless fan with two linear RGB strips that are controlled with a module which you can operate over WIFI with your smartphone. I just received a set to be used for a chassis build, and quickly wanted to show the kit to you.

So this is not a review, but rather a quick overview to get you an idea what these fans look like when fired up. Now the cool factor for me was of course that Deepcool plated the fans with a nice Guru3D Logo, bringing in some TLC, however, the fans are pretty special in the sense that you probably have never seen something like this. The MF120 kit includes three fans with vibration damping capabilities, but also get a front side aluminum alloy base. Everything and anything has built-in RGB lighting these days so does this kit. The fans are based upon a Double-layer blade design that should generate proper air pressure. Fan speed can be varied by PWM over the range 500-2200 RPM. These are Fluid Dynamic Bearing fans.


The kit is based on three fans and will cost roughly 80 to 90 USD, which includes the controller. That controller can hold three fans and can be managed through your Smartphone with a plethora of functions. As stated, we received a kit and I quickly wanted to show you these, they feel very sturdy with that aluminum finish. The blades are based on two layers and the PWM fans can be active between a and silent 500 rpm up-to a hefty 2200rpm. The 120mm fans need to be connected to the supplied controller. You can also adjust the light effects and speed of the fans with the DeepCool GS Control app. 

Some photos


So we received this 120mm kit with included controller module, the fans look unique with the frameless design, the grey part is an aluminum base which ends into rubber struts to prevent resonation. The kit includes rubber fasteners, or alternatively screws if you'd like to use them. Even the packaging feels premium, I like that.


The package contains holds three fans, you'll receive screws and rubber fasteners as well as the commander slash fan and RGB and management module and all dark cabling and connectors. 


The management module is fed by a SATA cable (nicely cloth sleeved), there's a PWM cable you can lead to your motherboard (you can also opt to not use it and control fan RPM via the smartphone app). And then each fan gets one wire (4-pin on one side and mini USB on the other). DeepCool opted to use a flat all dark cable for this. 


The controller can connect up to three fans maximum. You will have noticed it, for a little extra TLC between the alu bars and two RGB strips a Guru3D logo is present, which admittedly yours truly likes. 


Each fan is then connected with one wire coming from that controller. At the backside of the controller, there is a QR code, which if you scan it with your smartphone, will lead towards the APP location for wireless control. On the next page, I'll show you some of the APP functionality.


On the next page also a few more examples of the fans, by default, they cycle faded through static color, but the APP will offer you plenty of other options.

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