Deepcool Gamer Storm DQ750-M Power Supply review

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Deepcool Gamer Storm DQ750-M Power Supply review

We have the new Deepcool Gamer Storm DQ750-M power supply on our test bench. It’s an upgraded version of their previous model, the DQ750 which actually was released 4 years ago. It has 80 plus Gold certification, which means that it’s 90% efficient at 50% load @ 110V, and even 92% efficient @ 230 V. It’s a modular PSU, in fact, a fully modular one (we are still puzzled there as we assume at the very least will be always using use the motherboard connectors anyway, right?). This is becoming a bit less important nowadays, with more chassis having a PSU shroud, but it’s still easier to manage the cables this way (and plug only the ones that are really needed). The update is visible at first glance, as the casing is now painted white, and not the usual black. Also, the fan used to cool the unit is now optimized for generating less noise. It’s not a semi-passive design, but should still provide a good acoustic experience. The 120 mm fan is fitted with FBD bearings and is controlled via a temperature sensor. The Gamer Storm DQ750-M is built with 100% Japanese 105℃ capacitors, and they're a great choice for high-performance PCs where reliability is essential.


There are also two other variants of the series, providing 650 and 850 W of power. They’re Gold Certified as well, meaning at least 90% efficiency at 50% load (92% at 230 V). This is important because the energy consumed doesn’t get lost in space (at least not in a significant amount). This, in turn, has an impact on your energy bill. The improved fan spins at about 600 rpm up to 20% of load, slowly increasing the rotational speed at 50%, and reaching ~1000 rpm at 75% and ~1500 rpm at full load.

Deepcool’s Gamer Storm DQ750-M is backed by a 5-year warranty. This is quite nice, but for example, Corsair offers 10 years for their higher-end series, whereas Seasonic provides even twelve years of warranty. Ok, let’s check the white (Gold) PSU from Deepcool, shall we?


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