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DeepCool Assassin IIIOne of their most impressive Heatpipe coolers to date?

We test and review the DeepCool Assassin III, a heat pipe cooler that is showing very impressive results in both cooling performance and low acoustics. A cooler that can keep up with the NH-D15 from Noctua? is that confidence in this cooler warranted?

The Deepcool Assassin III reaches almost 1760mm in height, has a massive dual-aluminum (nickel-plated) radiator that was fitted with seven heat pipes and two 140-mm fans (low RPM). We mentioned the Noctua reference already, but DeepCool claims this beast can manage up to 280W of cooling, which certainly is enough for any modern age processor, even overclocked.

The Assassin III was also designed with high profile memory in mind, meaning it is compatible with high-end DRAM DIMM modules of up to 54 mm in height. The product is compatible with all modern processors sockets from both AMD and Intel (through compatibility with TR4 was not listed (Threadripper)). Included are two fans, the cooler, resistor wires for even lower RPM, a screwdriver and very funny, a thermal paste syringe, an alcohol scrub to clean the processor as well as a thin piece of plastic if you want to scrape thermal paste out thin over the heat spreader, we'll show you that in the review though. Deepcool plans to sell this premium cooler at MSRP of $89,- which is LCS territory already these days.

Yeah, have a peek ...


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