Deepcool AK500 CPU Cooler Review

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Deepcool AK500 CPU Cooler review
Silent while properly cooling your processor

Beijing-based DeepCool has been making high-quality CPU coolers like the Assassin III and AK620 since its founding in 1996. These models are widely regarded as the best available in their respective price ranges. Products from this manufacturer range from air coolers to all-in-one (AIO) coolers and from keyboards to power supplies. However, the most recent CPUs from AMD and Intel have higher cooling requirements, so DeepCool has returned with a new AK500 air cooler. Should we put the AK500 on our top cooler list even though it just has a sizable radiator and a 120mm FK120 fan? To learn for sure, we will need to put it through its paces in the lab. It has one FK120, 120mm FDB fan that does a great job of cooling. The AK500's five copper heat pipes do a great job of removing heat, up to 240W, by optimising the internal capillary structure and injecting the right amount of liquid. This works whether the cooler is installed vertically or horizontally. This perfect ratio makes it possible for the heat pipes to change phase in a very efficient way and lowers the thermal resistance over a wide range of TDP. The high-performance DeepCool FK120 fan was made with great care. It has a dynamic PWM range of 500–1850 RPM that keeps noise to a minimum while maximising airflow and static pressure. The FDB bearing makes sure that the machine is more stable and reliable and that it will work for a long time. A low-noise adapter cable (L.S.P) is included for end users who prefer quiet operation. 


Cooler DeepCool AK500
MSRP $59.99 USD
Heatsink Dimensions 127 × 90 × 158 mm (127 × 117 × 158 mm with fan)
Net Weight 1040 g
Socket Compatibility Intel LGA2066/2011-v3/2011/1700/1200/1151/1150/1155
Rated Noise Level Up to 31.5 dBa
Heatpipes (x5) 0.6 mm copper heatpipes
Rated TDP Up to 240w with a Core i9-10900k CPU

With the included low-noise adapter cable, the PWM range is limited to 500–1550 RPM, which cuts down on noise even more. This gives the user the best of both worlds. The angled and offset design of the heat pipes makes it easy to get to the RAM slots on the motherboard and gives memory modules with tall heat spreaders plenty of room. The AK500 can clear up to 45mm of memory for motherboards with four memory channels. The all-metal mounting bracket makes it easy to put the cooler in place and ensures it stays in place on multiple platforms supporting the latest sockets from AMD and Intel. Can we put the AK500 on our top coolers list even though it just has a chungus radiator and a 120mm FK120 fan? To learn for sure, we will need to put it through its paces in the lab. First, however, I will share DeepCool's official AK500 specs.

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