Death Stranding: PC graphics performance benchmark review

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Death Stranding 2020
PC graphics performance review with 33 graphics cards

Update notes:

  1. Updated the entire Series Radeon GPU results and examined it with the new Radeon 20.7.2 driver that AMD released. There are significant performance increases measured with this driver and the 5000 series of graphics cards, in particular, thus it is highly recommended to update to this new driver. 
  2. We checked the Polaris GPUS, e.g. 590 with the new driver, there are no additional performance gains for that series.
  3. The Ultra HD page was showing a wrong chart after the Radeon driver update, this is fixed.
  4. Added image comparison AMD Fidelity FX CAS OFF/ON.
  5. Added image comparison NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 TAA vs DLSS Quality and performance modes
  6. Retested 5500 XT 4GB, card remains stutter but much better scores with new 20.7.2 driver.
  7. Added GeForce GTX 970, GeForce GTX 980 Ti, Radeon R9 Fury, and Radeon R9 390X based on reader requests

Are you ready for a long walk in DirectX 12? Finally moved from console to PC, We look at Death Stranding 2020 in a PC graphics performance and PC gamer way. We'll test the game on the PC platform relative towards graphics card performance with the latest AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Many graphics cards are being tested and benchmarked. 

Depending on your set-up, PC owners can expect a range of enhancements from this port, including supporting ultra wide monitors, the ability to run the game at 4K/60fps, as well as a Photo Mode for those who want to pore over Norman Reedus at every angle and detail. Even more interesting are new cosmetics and missions based on Half-Life.  Death Stranding is an action game developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and 505 Games. It’s the first game made by Hideo Kojima after his highly public separation from Konami. Death Stranding’s story is set in an open world, post-apocalyptic environment, where the player character Sam works as a deliveryman. The gameplay include delivering cargo to various places on the map, fending off monstrous creatures as well as bandits inhabiting the vast wastelands of former the United States. The game, similarly to Metal Gear Gear Solid V, features asynchronous multiplayer, where participants can leave supplies and messages for each other in the game world. Death Stranding received positive reviews from the critics, who praised the games scale, design, graphics, voice acting, and soundtrack.


Many graphics cards are being tested and benchmarked.  You are going to need a reasonably modern PC with at least a mainstream graphics card to run the game nicely. This article will cover benchmarks in the sense of average framerates, we'll look at all popular resolutions scaling from Full HD (1920x1080), WQHD (2560x1440) and of course Ultra HD. UHDTV (3840x2160) pixels which is four times as many pixels as 1920x1080.  We test with the game based on the optimized and available AMD Radeon driver (download) and for Nvidia their GeForce WHQL driver (download). We'll test the game on the PC platform relative to graphics card performance with the AMD/NVIDIA graphics card drivers.

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