Cougar Terminator gaming chair review

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Cougar Terminator review
A chair for the people from the future?

This time, we’re checking out (I think it’s the third time we review on Guru3d for this type of gear) a gaming chair – it’s Cougar Terminator. The manufacturer is a company that was founded in 2007 by PC enthusiasts from German and Taiwan. I already had a chance to check their products in the past, one was the 700K Evo keyboard, and the second was the Blazer chassis. But that’s not all, as there are also power supplies, air and liquid coolers, fans, headsets, mice, streaming gear, and even desks (including the standing ones). Terminator is one of 15 available chairs from Cougar (and there’s even a gaming sofa). In general - choosing the right chair is a fundamental matter for daily usage, especially after the Covid times – when people have more “Home Office” and sit more at home than before it. It is worth stopping working on an ordinary dining room chair or sofa chair, which, although it may seem comfortable, does not provide the correct position for long sitting in front of the monitor. It would be nice to invest in a suitable armchair, for which our spine will be very grateful. A good product should ensure high comfort and maintain the correct posture while playing or working, which cannot be said about the cheapest Chinese constructions from the market. Also, many (not too affordable) offers to put a lot of pressure on the looks/colors, and even some carbon fiber or even RGB elements, and not on what counts the most (in the final result). So, where should you look if you want something different? You need to check the Cougar Terminator.



Why this one? Well, it should surely attract the eye, as it uses an exoskeleton design. Some may see some “Crysis” connections, not the Terminator. It isn’t your average gaming chair. Nevertheless, this design should help correctly accommodate the spine’s natural curve. You’ll also find features like the reclining backrest, headrest, aluminum 4D armrest, and height adjustment. There is a ventilation hole in the center of the backrest, so it should help in the hotter periods of the year. The legs have an aluminum wheelbase and casters with a 29.6 mm diameter. The seat is covered with a “Premium Hyper-Dura Leatherette,” 12 times stronger than conventional leather, according to the Cougar. What more? The Cougar Terminator measures 75 cm in width (29.5 inches), 80 cm in depth (31.5 inches), 129.5 to 137.5 cm tall (51 to 54.1 inches), and 36.5 kg in weight (80.5 lbs). The load capability is 135 kg (297.6 lbs).



As for the test conditions, they’re pretty demanding as I’m 202 cm (6’7) in height and many kilos of weight (these lockdowns, etc., were unsuitable for this aspect for sure, despite often walking, playing basketball, etc.). The chair weighs 35 kg, and the total size is up to 137,5 cm, with a seat height of 46 to 54 centimeters above the ground. The seat width is 50 centimeters wide and 59,5 cm of depth. The backrest dossier is 83,5 centimeters, 63,5 centimeters wide. The armrests are large - 32 cm long and 10.5 cm wide. They move forward-backward, up-down, at an angle, and left-right (that’s why they’re called 4D). There is also a tilt mechanism and a neck pillow. Cougar Hero is relatively large, so definitely for adults. The price is 799.99 USD, and that’s a lot for a gaming chair. Of course, we are aware that it is a considerable expense. We often prefer to spend this additional amount on a better processor, graphics card, monitor, or keyboard. Still, we know from experience that it can pay off.

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